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Why MonitorEDU?


We started MonitorEDU because we see the industry moving toward automated machine based proctoring and we see problems on the horizon.  When margins become more important than service, the industry will start to fail - we see it differently.  Since day one, we have held the belief that technology is there to aid proctors and it is human intelligence and judgement that are the key to the best proctoring outcomes. We introduced MobileProctor and MobileProctor Plus in February of 2020, and we continue to offer ProctorExam's platform which allows us to monitor recorded sessions, live.

 to us, it is all about 

1.) Live Proctoring 

2.) Privacy 

3.) Simplicity and 

4.) No Downloads (Mobile and Mobile Plus)

all of that with no appointments necessary - show up and test. 


Program Integrity

Two cameras give our solution added security -we can see more than most remote proctoring companies.  Live proctors can intervene and solve problems when they occur - we strive to make sure all your test takers test - and follow the exam rules - which means your tests are valid


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Schedule a call with our team so you can see how easy our solution really is - connect to proctor, test......the way it should be.      Click on one of the two links below, fill out the contact us form at the bottom - or send us an email don@monitoredu.com or patrick@monitoredu.com

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