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MonitorEDU was launched by former university president and the recognized "Godfather of Remote Proctoring", Don Kassner.   Don put his "band" back together and brought on board team members who have done it before.   The same people who established the standards in the industry  are back and getting back to their roots.

Our team has solved exam delivery, security, proctoring, and identity authentication problems for over 1000 organizations since 2008.

We have some simple rules

  • Proctoring should be done by a live person who can intervene when needed
  • We should respect privacy by minimizing data collection - we are there to proctor - see the person, see what they are doing, know who they are
  • No downloads  - when you add too much technology in a bring your own device market, it creates havoc -use what they already have
  • Show up,  test, no appointments - this seems easy -why should you have to wait to take your test?   Connect -Test -Simple

Program Integrity


Two cameras give our solution added security -we can see more than most remote proctoring companies.  Live proctors can intervene and solve problems when they occur - we strive to make sure all your test takers test - and follow the exam rules - which means your tests are valid

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Schedule a call with our team so you can see how easy our solution really is - connect to proctor, test......the way it should be.      Click on one of the two links below, fill out the contact us form at the bottom - or send us an email don@monitoredu.com or mike@monitoredu.com

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