testing partner - paradigm testing

Full Testing Services

We have partnered with Paradigm Testing to provide testing services to any client that needs

  - Proctored Oral Exams

 - Proctored Lab Practical Exams

 - Longitudinal Assessments

 - Full service test development and delivery services

 - We are Paradigm's remote proctoring partner 


global proctoring services - ProctorExam

Featuring PE Live with PE Record & Review

Since day one of MonitorEDU we have maintained a close partnership with ProctorExam.   Their proctoring solution is uniquely delivered as the best global proctoring service.   The partnership has a perfect balance - by launching  the PE platform along with MEDU's  support & proctoring we are fast becoming  the Global Leader across many markets that need a flexible solution that has enhanced security features but maintains EU quality privacy

 - Live or recorded exams

 - No appointments

 - Full 24/7 support in over 30 languages

 -  Same day reporting (24 hours or less)


professional & CE test proctoring services - invigulus

Bringing polish and professionalism to exam proctoring

The professional and continuing education proctoring market is not higher ed.   The candidates needs a flexible service with professionally trained proctors that can meet their needs.   The Invigulus/MonitorEDU blends "best of breed" account management and proctoring services - We understand the professional market and provide  no hassle services the first time, every time

 - No appointments

- 24/7 availability

- Easy to use e-commerce options

 - Professional US based proctoring staff


high stakes/security - proctor360

High Stakes - Secure the entire remote testing area

Proctor360 is brining a new approach to high staeks testing.   The 360 camera does exatly what it should do - it allows protors to see the entire testing  area and gives the test sponsor the assurances that exam security is on a equal "playing field" with traditional test centeres