Experienced - Dedicated - Rock Stars

CEO & President - Don

The founder and genius behind the remote proctoring industry, Don started his career in silicon valley as a finance & operations expert.  He went on to teach economics at San Jose State University before moving to Alabama to take over as President of  Andrew Jackson University.  He spent 8 years buidling the largest remote proctoring company in the industry (more than 2x larger than the closet competitor).  In mid 2016, Don left to help his friend  Eric at Questionmark build out his US based sales team and continue to be the best assessment delivery company in the world - The "Godfather of Remote Proctoring"  has returned

VP Sales - Patrick

One of the key contributors to the success of remote proctoring, Patrick and Don formulated the plan to launch MonitorEDU at an airport in mid 2017.   Patrick plays a key role in business development by establishing relationships built on trust.  A graduate of Humboldt State University, Patrick works tirelessly as he supports our clients and is leading us on our quest to be the next generation leader in exam security.

Director of Operations - Mike

This former operations director has a long and storied career as an entrepreneur and savvy business executive.  Mike spent the first 15 years of his career as a co-founder and CEO of Printed Sportswear - manufactuing and delivering those cool t-shirts that we all buy when we go on vacation...can you say Margaritas in Paradise?  After selling off the operation, he went on to open his own bar in downtown Phoenix and eventually joined his lifetime "brother from another mother" to help Don build out the largest remote proctoring operation in the business.  Recent times found Mike building out customer service operations in the Philippines

Adminstration and Service - Kristen

Every company needs that person who ties it all together - who takes care of everything and smiles at the same time.  Kristen started her career working with Don in silicon valley.  After raising two amazing kids, she re-entered the workforce - working at a winery (cabernet anyone?)  before joining Don at several ventures - she made everything better.   She is the straw that stirs the drink and our clients love her  We couldn't be rock stars without our drummer.

Program Director -Austin

This former college and pro athlete understands the need for academic oversight and integrity in athletic departments and the impact of breaches on program reputation.   Austin is very well connected in this market segment and is committed to making sure all college athletes succeed

Director of Assessments - Trevor

This longtime Marin county native joined the band to add that Northern California flair,  Leveraging his past experience in corporate ventures for assessment and other IT technologies, ‘T-Dub”, as his band mates call him,  is leading the charge to develop full service solutions utilizing our partner network to the rapidly expanding online assessment market.

Developer - Rick

Through our network of contacts we added Rick to the band.   He's a mid-west kind of guy with over 20 years of software development and management experience.  If we want to have great sound, we have to have the member who "gets it" - Rick does!

Customer Service Pro - Teddy

Teddy is the man on the boards,  behind the scenes - making sure we sound awesome.   His extensive experience in several customer management positions at testing industry companies helps him work with our clients and test takers to troubleshoot and solve things as they come up - Teddy is always adjusting our sound to make sure we are always in tune.

Chief Adviser - Joe

Every company needs a guru and mentor, and Joe is the guy.   Don first met Joe in 2001 and the two have been inseparable since - although rumor has it that they battle like a father and son - but always align at the end.  Joe is focused on partnerships and acquisitions - he is helping Don build out the next great company

Our Roadies

The people who really make it happen "behind the scenes" - Myles, Charlotte,  Leigh, Kristine, Erin and James.

Join the team

If you want to join the band and become the next rock star, contact our lead singer: don@monitoredu.com  - your stage awaits