proctoring rules



Your room should be well lit and you should remove anything from the wall that may be of assistance to you in taking the exam - note, in most cases your room should be quiet and you should be alone (nobody should provide you any assistance during the exam)


You should take the exam at a desk or table and that area should be clear of any  non essential items.   Unless otherwise noted, you can have a drink in a cup and food, but no food packages with writing on them


You need a working webcam for this exam.  The webcam should capture your face and head during the exam.  Note, although the software works on all browsers, sometimes windows edge has some privacy settings that interfere - if you have any issues please use chrome

Mobile phone

You will need a mobile phone with a working camera.  In most cases we will text you the link.  Once you receive the link it is advisable to put your phone on airplane mode and activate the wireless (this will save you from using your data plan).   Once the mobile is active you will use it to show your desk area and room and then you will place it so that it can see your desktop and computer screen.   Please make sure to plug the phone in so you don't lose power during the exam.


You will need a working mic and speakers for the exam.   Note, you can use a headset to communicate with the proctor during the set up, but you must remove the headset once you start the exam.


You must follow all of the proctor's instructions during the exam,  Failing to follow the instructions will be reported to your school and you will be subject to any policies they have regarding exam rules violations