Pricing Model

Start with a FREE Pilot

  • One class/One test up to 100 candidates
  • Up to 75 student athletes - partial to full semesters

Record and Review

Pricing as low as $5 per exam - three options:

  • Screen only
  • Screen and Webcam 
  • Screen, webcam and mobile

Live Proctoring

Pricing as low as $7.50 per exam - two options:

  • Screen and webcam 
  • Screen, webcam and mobile

Proctor/Review using your own staff

Prices start at $4 per exam and include our full service and support.   Two options

  • Single tenant
  • Multi tenant with your branding

Athletic Services by MonitorAD

Pricing starts at $59 per student, with small school discounts & multi-product bundles.  Contact us below to learn more

Service & Staffing

If you host your own proctoring license and need additional support we offer:

  • 24/7 First line support  call center - starting at .15/exam hour
  • Exam Audits - start at $2 per exam
  • Professional Reviewers  -start at $5 per exam
  • Live Proctors - start at $7.50 per exam

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