Program Integrity

Monitor Attendance

  • No hardware needed - uses student's mobile phone (IOS and Android)
  • Checkin, track and checkout of all classes, study halls and other events
  • Real time notifications to coaches, administrators or those who need to know
  • Flexible dashboards to track attendance throughout the day, week, month and semester

Monitor Study

NCAA Compliance
academic performance
student athletes

  • Track study hall attendance
  • Track student engagement with LMS or other learning platforms
  • Evaluate student study patterns for use with academic coaching
  • Use on campus or during team travel at remote locations

More to come

We are working on other tools that will help improve program integrity while serving as teaching and learning tools - teaching students to put in the work - staying engaged in their assignments  - keeps them on track.   The goal:  Higher academic performance, better retention  which all lead to more graduations!

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