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Mobile Proctor

MonitorEDU has the best live online proctoring service in the World - come see our flexible model - we can test on any device with a camera and internet. We make sure that everyone tests - when they want to -with no hassles - submit your exam request and we will get started.

We have taken proctoring mobile with moobileproctor.com    There are 270 milion smartphones in the Unites States and over 3.5 billion globally - that's a lot of ways we can proctor your courses.    Smartphones have great cameras, they are personal - never out of reach - and are mobile - so we can place them anywhere in the room.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - Is your testing program changing due to restrictions on travel or having groups of people together?   We can be up and running in a few hours to help assist you through these chaotic times - for immediate assisstance - call Don Kassner at 629-203-1718

Come see how our solution is the "smartest" on the market