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When we launched MonitorEDU we wanted to expand our services to help students on campus.   We sat in a room and thought about the different things we could do.  When we did, we realized an amazing thing:  For today's incoming Freshman, the 9/11 terrorist attacks are a historical event that didn't occur in their lifetime....

As we thought about their experience, we realized that the Post-Millennials  (as we call them), have had a much different life experience than the previous generation(s) - most of us are either Generation X-ers or Millennials.   We grew up in a world where technology changed rapidly and the way we communicated with the world was altered.   The Post-Millenials have faced a much different world - they have probably always had a smart-phone; they have used social networks to communicate with their friends and the world; they probably never played "kick the can" with the neighborhood kids during a warm summer evening - more likely they were in their room connected with their global friends playing the latest video game.

So what does it mean?   Well, for us, it means we have to help them navigate the physical world....we used to talk about college and the transition to the real world - aka the working world - but today the big transition is from the virtual world, that Post-Millennials brought into their home, to the Physical World of a college campus.

Bring on our attendance app - we developed it to be really easy - students load their schedule and they take a selfie with their phone.    The app validates their identity, time staps the entry and captures their location.   Instantly, we know if they are in class, or at the study hall.    At that point we can send instant notifications: to parents, to administrators and coaches:  However, at the end of the day, what we are really teaching them is accountability - to show up.   You can't just log in and tune out - you have to physically be there.

So, whether you are a FIRST YEAR EXPERIENCE coordinator, or a NCAA COMPLIANCE OFFICER, this app is for you and your students.   Make sure your students learn the importance of going to class - and give them tools to help


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